History of Auxiliary Magazine

  • Auxiliary Magazine 1920s 1920s In 1927, the first American Legion Auxiliary Bulletin was printed. Auxiliary Magazine 1930s

    1930s The Bulletin's cover had its first design change in 1932, and by 1936, the number of pages was increased from 12 to 24.

    Auxiliary Magazine 1940s

    1940s In the 1940s, the Bulletin became a 22- to 32-page monthly magazine and was renamed National News of the American Legion Auxiliary. In 1948, the format was changed to an eight-page tabloid.

    Auxiliary Magazine 1950s

    1950s By the mid-1950s, the National News of the American Legion Auxiliary took the form of a 32-page, pocket-sized booklet and remained in this format through the 1960s.

    Auxiliary Magazine 1970s

    1970s The 1970s saw the booklet become a bimonthly magazine, and in the summer of 1979, it settled into a 24- to 32-page count.

    Auxiliary Magazine 1980s

    1980s In 1983, National News began accepting paid advertising.

    Auxiliary Magazine 2008

    2008 The Auxiliary started a quarterly publication called HomeFront, a 44-page magazine, with National News becoming a newsletter insert within the magazine.  

    Auxilary Magazine 2010 2010 A new nameplate, design, and glossy coating on the cover gave it an updated look in 2010. New design also featured additional member and feature content.
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