American Legion Auxiliary announces national scholarship recipients

  • INDIANAPOLIS—5/10/12—INDIANAPOLIS – 5/10/12 –The American Legion Auxiliary has announced the recipients of its national scholarships for the 2011-2012 administrative year.

    The Auxiliary awarded $80,000 through three national scholarship programs: the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship; the Spirit of Youth Scholarship; and the Non-Traditional Student Scholarship.

    “The American Legion Auxiliary is more than excited to award these scholarships every year,” said Coral May Grout, national chairman of the Auxiliary’s Education Committee. “Investing in the education of our young people is investing in the future of our country.”

    2011-2012 national American Legion Auxiliary scholarship recipients:

    Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship

    Central Division
    $3,500 Alyssa Graff, Missouri
    $3,000 Joanna Kulkman, Michigan
    $2,500 Madison Rogers, Illinois

    Eastern Division
    $3,500 Kathleen McMahon, Maine
    $3,000 Ryan Saunders, Massachusetts
    $2,500 Sandra Sargie, New Jersey

    Northwestern Division
    $3,500 Ashley Majusiak, Wyoming
    $3,000 Carly Cardenas, Colorado
    $2,500 Seth Rombough, South Dakota

    Southern Division
    $3,500 Caitlin Owens, Alabama
    $3,000 Elisha Hamilton, Mississippi
    $2,500 Brianna Simmons, Louisiana

    Western Division
    $3,500 Ronald Reagan King, Oregon
    $3,000 Kayln Nelson, Washington
    $2,500 Cody Dumas, Arizona

    Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior Auxiliary members

    Central Division
    $5,000 Michaella Garringer, Iowa Eastern Division
    $5,000 Lucie Loftus, Pennsylvania Northwestern Division
    $5,000 Cara Mund, North Dakota Southern Division
    $5,000 Heidi Wheeler, Tennessee Western Division
    $5,000 Chelsea Elafante, California

    Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

    Central Division
    $2,000 Tami Delisle, Wisconsin Eastern Division
    $2,000 Tracey Warthen, Maryland Northwestern Division
    $2,000 Jessica Bontrager, North Dakota Southern Division
    $2,000 Elizabeth Scarborough, Florida Western Division
    $2,000 Heather Thomas, California

    For more information on American Legion Auxiliary scholarships, including eligibility requirements and how to apply, visit

    Founded in 1919, the American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization. With a membership of nearly 800,000, local ALA units have a strong presence in more than 9,500 communities nationwide. The ALA’s mission to serve veterans, active-duty military and their families is carried out through its hundreds of outreach programs delivered by its members, volunteers and National Headquarters.


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"Just knowing an organization like the American Legion Auxiliary exists, providing support to our military and our families even when we're gone, makes a world of difference." - ALA member and Indiana National Guard Col. Marilyn Moores

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