National Chairmens Meeting

  • April 13-15, 2014 | Indianapolis, IN
    New Chairmen training April 16

    NCM Meeting

    Wise leaders understand that casting a vision can be like carrying water in a bucket with holes in it: No matter how committed the followers, vision can “leak.” It is necessary to frequently rally the troops and recast the vision to keep the organization focused. In the Auxiliary, that happens at the annual National Chairmen's Meeting. This event provides the leading candidate for national president with the opportunity to share her goals for the year with national leaders and determine objectives for the coming year with what we call our Plan of Action. The National Chairmen's Meeting not only provides professional and personal development for the participants, but a shared camaraderie and energy are developed in knowing we are moving the Auxiliary’s mission forward.


  • Objectives for this meeting

    1. To finalize committee budgets and prepare materials that will be included with the Plan of Action
    2. To share information across programs and experience levels for maximum mission impact through the Plan of Action
    3. To establish clear expectations for the national chairmen about how the annual objectives for their program contribute to the success of the organization’s annual goals
    4. To provide information and leadership coaching for the national chairmen


     National Chairmen appointees who are involved in this meeting receive an authorization to attend.

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"Just knowing an organization like the American Legion Auxiliary exists, providing support to our military and our families even when we're gone, makes a world of difference." - ALA member and Indiana National Guard Col. Marilyn Moores

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