Strategic Planning

  • Imagine there are people now located in every state of the union that you want to direct to the same place. Each driver has your map in hand. The routes may differ, but if your directions are followed, everyone will end up at the rendezvous location at the same time. This is the purpose of the American Legion Auxiliary's strategic plan. With an eye on the future, this written “document of agreements” defines our mission focus – who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do – and tells us what to do next to ensure we meet with success.

    This look ahead three and five years out helps us set our priorities and establish action steps. We then communicate these to our units, departments, boards, and leadership teams and monitor progress made in meeting our goals. The hard work of planning is well worth the time and effort because it means we will be able to serve more veterans, members of the military and their families.

  • American Legion Auxiliary Strategic Plan

    The impact of an organization is measured by how well it meets its mission. Well-run organizations have one thing in common: a viable strategic plan that keeps the organization focused, is continually reviewed and updated for relevancy, and benchmarks its accomplishments. The Auxiliary's national strategic plan includes nine strategic goals that provide focus throughout the organization, all of which are forward-moving works in progress.

    Download one-page simple presentation of the American Legion Auxiliary 5-year Strategic Plan for 2014-2019


  • Long-Range Strategic Planning Committee Members

    National Chairman - Jan Pulvermacher-Ryan, Department of Wisconsin
    National Vice Chairman - Mary “Dubbie” Buckler, Department of Indiana
    Committee Member - Peggy Thomas, Department of Virginia
    Committee Member - Nancy Brown-Park, Department of California
    Committee Member - Janet Jefford, Department of Connecticut
    Committee Member - Sharon Conatser, Department of Illinois
    Committee Member - Tina Washington, Department of Delaware
    Committee Member - Kathy M. Daudistel, Department of Kentucky
    Committee Member - Shari German, Department of Michigan
    Committee Member - Kris Nelson, Department of Minnesota
    Committee Member - Kathy Dungan, Department of Mississippi
    Committee Member - Rita Navarreté, Department of New Mexico
    Committee Member - Marta Hedding, Department of Indiana


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