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    Engaging the next generation to become members in the American Legion Auxiliary is the important purpose of the Junior Activities program.

    Junior membership is open to girls from birth through age 17.

    The Junior Activities program prepares girls under the age of 18 to become active adult members of the organization by providing positive volunteer experiences that instill the ideals of the Auxiliary. These girls develop leadership skills while having fun and hopefully becoming the future leaders of our organization.

    Juniors are members of the Auxiliary who are organized as a committee of a unit. Juniors are not a separate Auxiliary organization. Junior members conduct their own meetings and perform their own special activities. Junior members plan their own community service projects, along with supporting projects sponsored by the Auxiliary and The American Legion Family.

    Connecting with our Junior members and involving them in worthwhile activities that support our mission are the best ways to ensure the continuation of the Auxiliary for as long as there are veterans to serve.

    Purpose Statement
    To interest eligible young women (under age 18) in adult Auxiliary membership through positive experiences of mission-based volunteer opportunities that instill the ideals of the organization.

    Junior members volunteer with other girls in their age group in many engaging activities:

    • learning about American flag etiquette
    • participating in parades and patriotic observances
    • helping with food drives, special Auxiliary veterans programs, projects for military families and their children, and days of service
    • distributing poppies on Memorial Day and/or Veterans Day
    • volunteering at Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs)
    • making and distributing holiday cards for veterans
    • mentoring students of military families by helping to ease their transition into a new school

    Honorary National Junior Officers

    The Junior officers are honorary in title. Their work should be coordinated with the work of unit officers. At the unit level, honorary Junior officers traditionally include president, vice president, chaplain, historian, secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at-arms. Honorary Junior officers may vary by department but are likely to reflect the structure of the unit.

    The honorary national Junior president is an ambassador for the American Legion Auxiliary's Junior Activities program. She maintains contact with the national Junior Activities chairman and National Headquarters program coordinator. She also leads and motivates attending Junior members to a successful National Junior Meeting at the Auxiliary’s annual national convention. 


    Teenage volunteers, called VolunTeens, follow in the footsteps of senior Auxiliary members by donating thousands of hours in service to our veterans. This special gift of time given by young people is one that ill or homebound veterans would normally have no opportunity to receive. From reading books to playing board games to writing letters to just spending time talking, VolunTeens provide veterans with a meaningful connection to today’s young America. Junior members who volunteer at a VA facility and have completed 100 hours of regularly scheduled VAVS volunteer service during the calendar year, prior to September 1, are eligible for the $20,000 James H. Parke Memorial Scholarship. Click here for more information.

    Juniors Patch Program

    Junior members of the American Legion Auxiliary may earn both physical and electronic patches for prescribed activities in Americanism, Community Service, Education, Field Service, Leadership, Membership, National Security, Physical Fitness, Poppy, Technology and Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation. Participating in the Patch Program is a terrific way to be involved in learning about the Auxiliary, volunteering in the community and serving our country’s veterans. Electronic Patch Info

    The American Legion Auxiliary annually provides one Junior member in each of the five American Legion Auxiliary divisions with a $5,000 scholarship. Learn More

  • ALA members and volunteers step up to advance the mission! Our annual volunteer service is worth $1.85 BILLION! This past year:

    · Volunteered more than 8 million hours in mission service, with 6.6 million hours dedicated to serving veterans at home, in hospitals, and in shelters; and helping ¾ million active-duty military families
    · Raised and donated nearly $36 million for mission service, with more than $5 million raised from poppy program donations, nearly $3 million awarded in scholarships, and $1.8 million spent aiding military families

  • MBatiste

    Junior Activities National Chairman
    Monique Batiste
    Department of Louisiana


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